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We're proud to introduce... 'The TALKING DICTIONARY'

Static elements that remain when user scrolls down
 The Talking Dictionary is the only audio visual language reference tool that links key words and phrases to detailed full-colour illustrations in a comprehensive book and incorporates Callfinder® technology where readers can listen to the pronunciation of terms and phrases in different languages, using the Callfinder® device.

Here are a few of the features that might tickle your fancy. 

Immersive experience with the Callfinder® that engages the senses
·         Users have the opportunity to experience immersive language learning while limiting screen-time that other, similar tools demand.  Not only does the Callfinder® provide pronunciation of words, but there are also sound effects such as animal calls and musical excerpts to enhance understanding and language acquisition. Language learners build vocabulary and confidence as they SEE, HEAR and LEARN.  (Old Callfinder® models work with The Talking Dictionary – simply purchase the book and the sound files from Briza directly.)

Available in seven South African languages
·         So far, seven South African languages are available; English comes standard, and the package includes one (additional) language of your choosing (standard package includes dictionary, language Callfinder® and wordlist booklet for the language selected). Every language sought thereafter, will be sold separately and includes a language sticker that activates the respective language on the Callfinder®, as well as a wordlist booklet containing the spelling and translation of all English words, for that language. The content has a delightfully South African appeal that reflects the country’s beautiful cultures, and it’s the first of its kind.
Languages: English (standard), Afrikaans, isiXhosa, isiZulu, Setswana, Sesotho, Sesotho sa Leboa

Comprehensive content
·         The Talking Dictionary features 19 main themes that are subdivided into topics that cover everything from the universe, science and the natural world, to home life, culture and sports. These are visually appealing, rich in detail and make language learning fun and applicable to the world we live in. There are over 2,000 colour illustrations and more than 5,000 words as well as additional terms, abstract nouns, verbs, current terminology and common phrases.  The book can be thoroughly enjoyed even without the Callfinder® component. It is a user-friendly, must-have cherished family book to be enjoyed for years, at school and at home, and in fact just about anywhere!   

Pre-order today (FREE shipping within South Africa until the end of August 2019) before stock runs out! 


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