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Shem Compion’s most memorable experience as a nature photographer

Last time we relayed Compion’s motivation for one to become a nature photographer. Well, the experience below could go one of two ways: you’ll either be dying to get out there and take some potentially risky snaps, or you would rather die!

Being on safari a lot brings its fair amount of adventure and misfortune: I walk with elephants, I have been struck by lightning while opening a gate, and I’ve even been medevaced from the remotest part of Ethiopia after falling down a cliff into a river and knocking myself out.

Shem Compion: Shem Images website

I believe in the law of averages when it comes to walking with big and dangerous animals and one day that caught up with me and two others in Mana Pools [National Park, Zimbabwe].

Shem Images: Shem Images website

We walked up to an old elephant bull who was having a morning slumber. From about 50m we observed him and then moved away. Something woke him suddenly and with his reverie disturbed, he decided to take it out on us. He only stopped 2m from us, covering us in dust and dirt. Our guide – an old Mana pools legend – added another notch to his belt on the law of averages for walking in big game country…

For some more memorable experiences captured by nature experts alike, page through just about any one of our image-rich publications.  Be confronted with nature’s charms from the comfort of your own home, and make your own memories! 


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